professional central vacuum systems

Car Wash Central Vacuum Systems

Nowadays all carwashes are equipped with a vacuum cleaning, or even a car wellness section.

Most of them use a traditional single-phase vacuum cleaner controlled by a coin timer, but the result is a poor performance, low efficiency, high cost of maintenance, high rate of failures and motor substitutions.

The evolution was represented by central vacuum systems: they have unquestionable advantages in terms of reliability and convenience. However, in the early days, only a primitive assembly was introduced, with rough parts and high energy consumption.

ERGOX central vacuum system, after long testing and expertise, improved every detail around the car wash vacuum and vacuum area: the professional solution for Car Wash central vacuum systems

  • The Car Wash Central Vacuum Systems equipped have reached more than 6.000.000 cleaned cars yearly without any trouble.
    ERGOX system is absolutely reliable.
  • Ideal for self-service vacuum as well as for professional operators cleaning a rental fleet or prepping cleaned cars.
    ERGOX system can be adapted to any setup.
  • Particular attention is given to energy consumption and efficiency in the long time, using complex control systems.
    ERGOX system is economical & environmental friendly.
  • The car wash manager is called only for few ordinary operations: just emptying the dust container after approx. 1.500 cleaned cars.
    ERGOX system is practically maintenance-free.

Whatever is the rate of occupancy of vacuum bays, there is always a controlled energy consumption, with optimal values of suction power and airflow. The electronic control is connected with filters and accessories with automatic differential pressure detectors keep filters cleaned and efficient. If no station is activated, there is no energy consumption. With first user, there is less than 2 kW, that becomes even more efficient with every further user.

For this reason, the maximal consumption when for instance 16 users are vacuuming simultaneously, is about 24 kW.

Ergox produces all the equipment in own house with own machinery. That is why Ergox is very flexible and can take the whole vacuum area out of the hands of the investor. Ergox can meet the hardest customer demands and can even personalise products such as trashcans, structures, technical rooms, hard tops,… in any colour or with logo to match the brand style of the customer.

All the system parameters can be monitored and stored on the touch screen display or the control board.