Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Nowadays industries are equipped with many different dust extracting systems because of dust problems that appear in industrial environment.

Why Industrial Central Vacuum Systems? In many cases it is necessary to do the cleaning during the production process to protect the product. In some cases it goes about the cleaning of only one special machine or surface… Whatever the reason is, the central vacuum system gives the best solution.

However, to have a good Industrial central vacuum system is not a simple task, because of the variety of the dust and its quantity that can be very different in every application. The Ergox team provides customized vacuum systems, that can be used in all sectors. Food, cardboard, packaging, plastics and metal processing industries, clean rooms, laboratories, 3d printing, waste incinerators, car and car body workshops, wood, textiles, pharmaceuticals and automotive industries, lime, cement, plaster, glass, fertilizer and sugar industries, etc.

Working and manufacturing in a safe, clean and dust-free environment is an essential foundation to ensure the health of the workers and the quality of your final product.

Ergox system is extremely powerful. It was developed to ensure high quality, resulting in a durable and maintenance-free system.

A clean work environment motivates employees and increases productivity. The wide choice of accessories facilitates and simplifies the cleaning of all surfaces or applications.

Due to the extremely powerful vacuum that Ergox central vacuum system generates, dust and dirt are thoroughly removed during each vacuuming cycle, thereby greatly reducing cleaning time. There is a strong focus on energy consumption and long-term efficiency.

Each Ergox industrial central vacuum system is customized and thus perfectly adjusted to the requirements and the use in your company. Ergox provides a customized solution for each and every application. Contact us for more information!