Vacuum Producers

Maintenance free side channel vacuum producer GD, driven by Siemens induction motor. The best in his category with a lifetime of more then 40.000 working hours. For a energy friendly carwash vacuum system with the best return/power ratio, the VAP013 is perfect for the job. Combine more vacuum producers together to get a higher total power.

Type Power min, kW Power @50Hz, Kw Power max, kW Max. users* Airflow max, m³/h Weight (kg), approx. Dimentions HxWxD (cm)
VAP007 1,5 4 6,9 2 675 43 46x40x50
VAP010 1,8 5,5 9,6 3/4 860 110 69x58x78
VAP013 1,8 7,5 13 4/5 1150 135 69x58x78
VAP026 11 18,5 26 10/11 1875 247 79x58x85

*max. simultaneous users when vacuuming with the hose dia 38mm

Frame for Tower Mounting

Frame for tower mounting vacuum producers, up to 3 producers in one tower.
Allows to combine several vacuum producers and to save floor space.

Type Q-ty vacuum producers Weight (kg) Dimentions HxWxD (cm)
FRA002 2 55 140x58x78
FRA003 3 76 210x58x78



Type Pipe connection diameter (mm) Outside diameter (mm) Length (cm) Weight (kg)
SIL100 100 152 100 14,5
SIL152 152 202 100 21