Professional central vacuum systems

ERGOX is specialized in professional central vacuum systems for industry’s, carwashes, and customised (OEM) dust solutions.

professional central vacuum systems

Established in Belgium, now it’s already known in many countries around the world for its high-efficient, maintenance free and environmentally friendly vacuum systems.

Our team provides standard or custom made systems, answering all the customer’s needs. The company operates on the principle of providing high quality personal service, support and advice throughout the construction process and continuing after the project is ready.

ERGOX take pride in the fact that we are maintaining a professional work and continuously searching for innovative solutions to give our clients the best products en services on the market. You can count on our experience and technical advice on each step of your project: from planning and producing till installing and aftersales service.

Ergox is now fully equipped with a large modern machinery park and is a successful producing company.

To provide even more flexibility in the custom-made solutions, at the end of 2017, ERGOX took the decision to take the production in own hands.

This decision allows Ergox to provide the A-Z solutions for projects, without any interference of the 3rd companies. Personalised and special products, from special piping to trash bins with personalised logo, or special operation software, Ergox can meet any customer wish, this at reasonable fair price.