Vacuum System Control Board

Control board with full energy management system, complete with 2 invertors, programmable logic controller, 8” touchscreen, pressure sensors, filter control system, and automatic maintenance system. Foreseen to connect easy vacuum producers and the ERGOX hose holders or single and centralised coin selectors.

The system is a quick install system, as all is mounted, just simply connect the cables in the bottom, and after going trough the setup menu, the system is ready to go. The software is available in 10 languages.

Type KW Motors Max. users Dimentions, HxWxD (mm) Weight (kg)
CAR006 15 1 6 1000x600x250 69
CAR010 30 2 10 1200x600x300 77
CAR015 45 3 15 1200x800x300 101
CAR020 60 4 20 1200x1000x300 121
CAR025 75 5 25 1400x1000x300 139