ERGOX introduces its new media platform: Ergox GO!

During the Car Wash Show Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam on 18 and 19 September 2019, a new narrowcasting system will be introduced by ERGOX. This is an interface that gives the car wash owner an opportunity to share messages, promotions or other information with his customers via a touchscreen. This information can be related to the car wash itself, but also to local partners of the car wash. The customer can also request information about his/her car: for example, by entering the brand and type of the car, he can find out more about his tire pressure. Many other information can also be obtained easily in this way. In the future, this will be expanded with several more options, such as topping up window fluid, the total maintenance of the interior with glass cleaner and cockpit spray and the disinfection of the interior. With the introduction of the Ergox GO! system, the company wants to show that it is not standing still in terms of innovation and will continue to provide the market with new products.